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Railroad Screen Printing, Railroad Decals & Cover Strips

Trans-Tech’s in-house railroad screen printing provides all the rail car graphics you need.

  • Select from our stock library.
  • Save time and money with Trans-Tech Cover Strips. Easily cover signage with a screen printed railcar cover strip decal.
  • Don’t see what you are looking for? Send us your artwork or a drawing to custom order signs.

UN 2448 Placard
UN 2448 Placard – Size: 6″ X 15 11/16″

Dot Hazmat 3257 Placard
Dot Hazmat 3257 Placard – Size: 6″ X 15 11/16″. Elevated temperature liquid, n.o.s., at or above 100oC (212oF), and below its flash point.

Consolidated Decal
Consolidated Decal – Size: 11.5″x 16″

Enroute for Dismantle
Enroute for Dismantle – Size: 18″ X 10.5″

Excess Height
Railcar Signage – This Car Excess Height –  Size: 6″x 19″

Home Shop For Repairs
Railroad Decal – Home Shop For Repairs Do Not Load – Size: 11.5″x 18″

Railcar Signage - Man in Tank
Man in Tank Placard – Size: 6″ x 12″.

Ownership Decal
Railcar Decal – Ownership Subject to Security Agreement Filed with the Interstate Commerce Commission – Size: 8″x 21.25″.

Respirator in Use
Railcar Placard – Respirator in Use –  Size: 6″ x 12″

Tank Qualification Decal
Railcar Decal – Tank Qualifications – Size: 19″x 41.5″

Danger Non Pressure Car
Railcar Decal – Warning Car May Be Under Pressure – Size: 8.5″ X 11″. Application tape can be added to order.

Railcar Signage – Warning Car May Contain Hazardous Material Under Pressure – Size: 8.5″ X 11″. Application tape can be added to order.

Cover Strips
Size: 1-5/16”x 5-3/4”

Custom Order Railcar Signage
Custom Order Railcar Decals
Send us your drawings or images.