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September 6, 2021


Your inspiration- What energizes you? What keeps you motivated?
I am energized by my faith, the team we have here at Trans-Tech & all the positive responses we receive from our existing customers also new ones. I am motivated by doing the very best of my ability with the responsibilities of my position to advance our company and our reputation.

Your technique- Why do you do things the way that you do?
Why- I believe it has to do with my upbringing.  I come from a self-starting and very hard-working family.  That is what we were taught and was expected of us.

How- In business development the success comes from paying attention to the small details and being proactive in execution.
Your story- everyone has a unique story or experience. What’s yours I grew up living in Oklahoma, Kansas, & Texas.  People ask me if I was a military brat? My answer was no I’m a railroad brat.  My father who owns Trans-Tech started at the Rock Island Railroad as a welder and worked his way up.  We moved around quite a bit due to Dale getting job offers and promotions with other companies.  I never dreamed that I would be working in this industry.  I have found that the rail is a giant industry ran by a small family.  I have made some good friends throughout the US.  We have built a solid reputation in this industry by taking pride in our work, paying attention to detail and on time delivery.  I honestly enjoy coming to work every day.